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Moments of Darkness

...bring a little despair into your day...

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This is the spot to get your daily (ok... occasional, for now) fix of darkness.

For now, the posts are kept to founding members only... But if there's ever an interest, posting will be opened to others. (Which is an invitation... If you'd like posting access, please comment to that effect on any entry made by honormac.)

The ideal entry is a one paragraph vignette. An extra sentence or two may be added for style or function. Gross run-ons need not apply... The idea, after all, is a moment of darkness - A single bite-sized serving of horror or grim fantasy. In the end, most often, someone dies.

All information here is copyright Moments of Darkness, Honor MacDonald, and/or it's original author. Those who post or comment grant Moments of Darkness non-exclusive publication rights.

((Naturally, anything from which a profit derives, said profit will be appropriately shared with said copyright holders))