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14 June 2008 @ 11:19 pm
They had been driving for over 5 hours in the sweltering heat when they finally reached SeaWash Rock.

Elinor peeled her back from the hot brown leather seat and stripped off her clothes while running for the cliff, screaming something excitedly that was lost in the humidity. Julie lingered in the car, slathering on sunscreen unhurriedly.

'"Hot as hell!" Elinor shouted as she hopped across the gravel, attempting to avoid burning the skin off her feet.

As she reached the grass she flailed her arms wildly, trying to slow down before reaching the drop off. As she stumbled to a stop she peered over the precipice, staring hundreds of feet down into the black lake below. She began to calculate exactly where she would try to land her swan dive as the thick, dead air coated her shoulders and face. Tiny droplets of sweat made streams down her cheeks and her short red hair gathered in jagged points at the nape of her neck.

Her breath was sour from chewing her gum for too long and she distractedly flicked her slick fingertips against her thumb. Beads of moisture sprayed off of them in a fan, careening slowly into the air.

As she took note of the various depths of the pool below {memorizing the lighter and darker areas} her leg muscles tensed. She slowly crouched and sucked in her breath sharply, preparing to dive.

In the instant before she leapt she felt an odd, cool rush of air behind her and smiled as she twisted around, expecting to see Julie running towards her with arms outstretched -ready to shove her into oblivion.

Instead, she saw her 1967 sky blue Chevy Camaro rocketing into her ribcage, knocking her breath out and thrusting her into empty air.

The audible snap of her bones echoed throughout the canyon.

Before she disappeared over the edge she caught the distant image of Julie gulping down a Coke, strolling away into the dust cloud.

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Honor MacDonald: Komimi - The Cute side of the Forcehonormac on June 18th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC)
it's Thelma and Louise gone very, very wrong...

(I knew she shouldn't have been slutting it up on that greazy bohunk at the casino.)

I love it :-)