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14 June 2008 @ 01:34 am
boo-be-beep! We're sorry... The person you are calling... Is dead!  
Everything was so perfectly planned... She wasn't the least bit afraid when she began to feel the cold.

The timing had to be exact, and she'd been more than careful. She'd made the call from disposable phones, several times and from several locations around her neighborhood.

She'd waited until her parents were away from home, but not away from town.

She'd pinched the blade at precisely the depth she had chosen for the cuts, made the incisions down the length of her wrists, and begun the slow count-down to her next step.

All that remained was to count the carefully measured seconds until her exquisitely planed and executed "cry for help" would deliver her to the emergency room, and, by extension, her parent's guilt into her waiting hands.

Nothing would ever be denied her again.

"Thirteen... Fourteen... Fifteen..."

She dialed, pressed 'send', and sputtered in a well-rehearsed sotto voce "...help... me... I've... done... something..." and dropped the phone.

But, now she'd gone well past her secondary count of one-sixty-five. She was becoming quite a bit more cold than she'd expected, and she was getting sleepy. The room was getting darker, and her ears were roaring, like she was under water at the beach...

With a great final effort, she felt around the floor, collected the phone, and held it close to her dimming eyes...

Last call: 991
alexthe_leaking_pen on June 16th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
hmm. cleaning the gene pool?