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07 May 2006 @ 01:10 pm
What's more morbid than the groans of agony inspired by a pun?  
Any minute now. Steve had finally had enough of Mike's endless, assenine puns. Stupid shit every day: "hey, could you pass me a puncil?" "sorry if that's not punny" "I just enjoy the pun-ishment." Coming to work at the nuclear power research facility had become so irritating that Steve had taken to grinding his teeth, he'd even been bitched at by his dentist for how much he'd ground them down. Time for revenge. Now, some people might think sabataugeing a nuclear reactor, causing quickly fatal doses of radiation to be released through the entire complex when Mike logged in at his workstation in the morning might be going a bit far, but technically, that wasn't the revenge. No, that was just the setup - the real revenege would be the log in screen, the last thing Mike would see before he turned in to one giant, roasted tumor. Ahh, there he was! Logging in now... it was so easy to hack in to his account - login: Mike password: punsword. The putz. And it's loading, the words that will be burned, quite literally, in to his retina as he's fried...

Gone Fission